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End Of Year ERP Newsletter

End Of Year ERP Newsletter


The End of Year - ERP Newsletter

Now You Know

Did you know that we have a tool for comparing this years sales to last year by Product Group? 

> It is under the Sales Analysis Reports Menu and its option 3- Sales Analysis Browser.

>A quick way to see what you are selling without printing a bunch of reports or manipulating spreadsheets!

Password Reset and Security Guidelines
     Beginning immediately, we have been directed to enable the users to maintain all of their own passwords.  There will be a charge if we care for your passwords.  ↴ 

   -  Please use the “Updating Citrix Passwords” instructions to change your passwords before they expire.
-     Appoint an accountable person to be the sole Password Administrator.
By appointing a Password Administrator you will avoid the costs of Home Source Systems maintaining your passwords.
    - In the following instructions “you”, “your” and “yours” is a direct reference to the Password Administrator.
 -    It is best to change all passwords except yours now.  Mark a date 90 days in the future to change all passwords except yours again.  By changing yours several days later all passwords will not expire simultaneously.  Repeat every 90 days.

Resetting Password:
Here is an easy to follow tutorial on how to reset your password. 
 start at
 Follow the instructions circled below to reset the password  


Deleting an Item From Inventory Received Erroneously
  • Delete the serial number in Serial Inventory Maintenance. 
  • From Main steps:   A  S  1  yes   will get you there.  The quantity will be cared for in the Day-end.
  • Edit the PO.  Remove the ticket # from the affected line.  Accept the changes.
  •      Edit the PO again.  Add a new line.  Add the ticket #.  Accept the changes.
  •      Please save these steps for future use in your "How To" notebook.

Please follow all of these instructions before you begin the next year's work. If you are a Cloud customer- your backups are automatically saved. If you are not on the Cloud, save your last backup on a flash drive and put it in a safe place.
You must run Payroll End of Year before the first Payroll in January! 
You do not need to run General ledger End of Year at this time. Usually that is done later on with your accountant. If you need help with your G/L-please call a week before so we can schedule time.
Accounts Receivable End-of-Year
  • Run the Accounts Receivable Aging report or any other detailed report you use regularly and save this for future reference. 
  • Then on the Accounts Receivable menu select option 6 Administrator’s menu
  • Select option 3 - End of Year
  • Moves all Year-to-Date Sales figures to the previous year column. All Current and aged account status remain the same.  It carries them forward into the new year. The processing takes only a few minutes and will not print any information out.
Accounts Payable End-of-Year
  • Complete the month as usual.  Run the Accounts Payable Aging report or any other detailed report you use regularly and save this for future reference. 
  • Then on the Accounts Payable menu select option 6 –Administrator’s menu.
  • Select option 3 – End of Year
  • Clears out all Year-to-Date figures. All Current and aged account status remain the same.  It carries them forward into the new year. The processing takes only a few minutes and will not print any information out. 

Payroll End-of-Year

  • Before running your year end, Please check employee status codes for employees that are no longer with the company.  Change their status to “Inactive” so it will delete them from the employee file for the coming year.  Also any miscellaneous deductions that are marked inactive will be removed and other deductions with start at week 1 again.. so make sure loans etc are marked inactive if you don’t want them to start up again.
  • We use the standard W2 form found at most office supply stores.  You are responsible for filling out any changes in your tax tables for Federal, State and Local Taxes (option 2 Payroll Special Functions). 
  • Go to the Payroll Menu and select 5 – Adminstrator’s Menu.  Then select option 3 – Reset Quarter to date and Year to date Figures. Then select Quarter 4.  It will then ask what dates you are closing. This prints all necessary reports including the 941 form for the 4th quarter.  W-2 forms can be done from the special functions menu when you are ready to do so. We do not require you to run them at this time. 
  • The last Prompt asks “Are you sure you want to reset the Year to Date totals?” Now look at the reports and check the data.  If everything is correct you should answer “Y” and then exit.   If reports are not correct you can answer “N” and change information.  Then run Year End Reset again after changes are complete.


  • Run an Inventory Valuation and any Serialized Reports you use regularly and save these for future reference.  The reports you run should be detailed reports.
  • Please note: the YTD sold and received automatically resets in Dayend.  So if you want this information, you must run it before the new year.  If you don’t want the Year end report you can skip running the end of year for inventory.      
  • Go to the Inventory Menu, Models Option, and choose option 4 –Administrator’s Menu.  Select option 2 - End of Year.  This will prompt for your end of year date and prints a report of YTD received and sold for each model.

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